Colorado Side-by-Side Tours & Rentals

Ride side-by-sides over 100 miles of the Colorado Mountains Trail System!

We provide Side-by-Side Tours and Rentals in Colorado! Ride side-by-sides in 100+ miles of the Colorado mountain trail systems! We’ll equip you with a map of the side-by-side trails and instructions.

Our Side-by-Side rentals are priced by the hour. We will give you a safety orientation, operating instructions, and you can explore the Colorado side-by-side trails on your own!

Unguided Side-by-Side Rentals

  • 2 Hour side-by-side rental driver $195 passenger $65 per person
  • 3 Hour side-by-side rental driver $215 passenger $70 per person
  • 4 Hour side-by-side rental driver $240 passenger $75 per person

Guided Side-by-Side tours 8:30 AM 11:00 AM & 2:00 PM

Enjoy the latest in side-by-side off-road technology with our new BRP Can/Am 2-seater & 4-seater side-by-sides. Experience sharp performance for the ultimate combination of power, suspension and agility. Enjoy 55,000 acres of permitted terrain in the White River National Forest starting at 9,200’ with heights up to 12,500’. Our guides will help you enjoy an adventure of a lifetime! Ride through endless miles of aspens and high alpine terrain while being surrounded by 4 different mountain ranges.

  • 16 years and older can drive when accompanied by an adult
  • Children 5 years and older can ride as a passenger
  • $255 for Drivers, $80 per Passenger morning & midday which includes lunch
  • $240 for drivers and $65 for passengers afternoon without lunch

Please note: *$10 Forest Service Fee is charged per person on all rides, in addition to the price.

ATV/Razor Rentals in Breckenridge, Vail, Dillon, Frisco, Copper Mountain, Keystone and Silverthorne! Enjoy over 100 miles of the Colorado mountains trail system! We’ll equip you with a map of the ATV trails and instructions.